5 Best Solar Lantern to Light Your Way – Ultimate Guide (Proven Tips)

We all want our home to look fabulous both inside and out. Curb appeal is just as important to your house value as proper maintenance on the inside. The right exterior lighting can change the overall appearance of your house and create wonderful ambience. A great way to do this is to find the best solar lantern on the market to add a little something to your home’s appeal. You can use them along a pathway, as an accent to your outdoor look or just as a lively way to light your outdoor patio area, but whichever you choose, be sure to do a little research before your purchase.

How Do I Find the Best Solar Lantern?

When you start looking for the best option in solar lanterns you will quickly realize the market has many to offer consumers. Don’t get overwhelmed by the selection and don’t feel that you must “just pick” whichever one you see first. Research goes a long way in finding a quality product. When choosing a solar lantern for your home, look for some of the following features or options to ensure you find the best one.

Installation and/or Area of Use

When choosing which solar lanterns will work for your home and the space you wish to install them, you should consider how the lantern is to be installed or where you will be using the lantern around your home. You may be looking for a lantern to sit upon a tabletop or along a banister. If this is the case, you won’t need to worry about included hardware for installing. However, if you want your lantern to line a pathway or light up a perimeter, then you must take into consideration how you will install the lantern and if it will be a simple process.

Scope of Light and Luminosity

When purchasing any solar lighting, it is important to know exactly the distance each one will light up. If you need larger areas lit, you should look for products with a larger scope or area of lighting. However, if the space is smaller or if you are looking just to add accent lighting, then the span of the solar light won’t be as important. If you prefer bright lights over softer, dim lighting then you will want a higher lumen count.

Charging Time/Run Time

Most people expect that their solar lanterns will just start working automatically at dark and continue until dawn but not all lights will last this long. Look for a listed charging time, which should tell you how long until a full charge. Without a full charge, no solar light will function to its best ability. Also look for the standard running time of the solar lantern you are considering. Some may not last through the entire night.


Because solar lanterns can be slightly more delicate than regular solar lights, they will need to be weatherproof if you expect to use them outdoors and leave them there for extended periods. Heat, water, wind and dust are all conditions which could adversely affect the function and overall condition of your solar lantern.

Construction of the Lantern

When trying to decide which is the best solar lantern, you should consider the overall construction of the lantern. If this is a product you will be keeping outdoors all the time, you want materials which are durable and won’t rust quickly with rain or exposure to water. Additionally, if lightweight, flimsy materials are used, your lantern will not stand up to any kind of weather conditions or animal visitors that may be in your area.

The Best Solar Lanterns for Your Needs

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1. Suaoki LED Camping Lantern Lights

This versatile solar lantern is one you will have tonnes of use for and it won’t cost you a great deal. With this lantern, you have the option to charge it via USB cable or with solar energy, whichever is readily available. It is super portable, meaning you can use it to light your patio table area when you are enjoying the evening outside and then simply bring it inside when done. The light collapses to a puck shape which then acts as a flashlight. Included are a micro USB cable for charging as well. You can use the built-in handle to hang the lantern from a small hook or post along your deck or patio.


  • Very versatile in area of use
  • Portable, easy to move indoors as needed
  • Two charging modes; solar and via USB cable
  • Charges other devices as well such as smartphones or tablets
  • Built-in handle for easy hanging
  • Three modes: high, low or blinking (for emergencies)
  • Collapses to a flashlight
  • Protection chip inside to prevent over-charging, over-circuit and over-discharging
  • 4 hours to full charge using USB cable
  • Could last 10 hours on low brightness


  • Charging via solar power could take 8+ hours
  • On high brightness only lasts up to 5 hours
  • Not very esthetically pleasing
  • Constructed of plastic which is like an accordion: seems easily broken
  • Solar panel must be in full sun to get a proper charge

2. LVJING Vintage Waterproof Solar Hanging Umbrella Lantern

A beautiful set of two lanterns comes in this package, with authentic detailing and a candle-like lighting design. Each lantern features a loop for hanging if you wish or you could use upon a table, railing or bannister. There is also a clamp attached to the loop if you wished to clip the lantern to an outdoor umbrella or canopy. The LED light inside looks like a candle and even lights much like a candle would too, with a flickering effect. You only need to get it in 4 to 5 hours of sunlight to get an output of about 6 to 9 hours at dark. They are made of plastic, but are heatproof and waterproof units.


  • Highly decorative, vintage styling
  • Comes in a two pack
  • Install by hanging from the loop, clamping to umbrellas or canopies or just resting upon a surface
  • Flickering affect adds ambience
  • Short charging time
  • Waterproof and heatproof
  • Can get up to 9 hours of light on a full charge


  • Not very bright; more a decoration piece than light
  • Made entirely of plastic
  • Despite being waterproof, you cannot soak it in water
  • Lightweight; could be easily blown off an umbrella or canopy
  • Needs direct sunlight to get a charge
  • power-off
    Small in size

3. 4-Pack Solar-powered Mason Jar Lights

These decorative mason jar solar lantern type lights are perfect adding a soft glow to your outdoor space. They can either sit on top of your table or be hung up with the included frame and handle. These come in a package of four, making a complete decorating experience in one box. They will charge to full in 5 to 8 hours of sunlight and last up to 12 hours. Their soft glow will not overpower your space, but instead make it feel almost fairy-garden like.

Each lantern is made of heavy duty glass, exactly as an authentic mason jar would be and the lid is made of durable metal. There is an on and off switch to control if you would like the lights to come on in the dark or not. If the lantern doesn’t happen to get enough sunlight for a full charge, the included rechargeable AAA battery acts as a back-up power source.


  • Convenient pack of four mason jars
  • Includes hangers
  • Last up to 12 hours with full charge
  • Only takes up to 8 hours to charge
  • Decorative, soft lighting to add ambience
  • Back up AAA battery in the case of no sunlight
  • 100% waterproof design
  • Safe for indoor use as well


  • Needs direct sunlight to get full charge
  • Glass is highly breakable and may not be ideal in cold weather
  • Not a bright light for illumination; more for decoration

4. 2Pack/4Pack GT ROAD Solar LED Camping Lantern

A super bright solar lantern, this option provides versatility too. You can use it as a flashlight if needed and both lantern and flashlight will illuminate your way. You can charge the rechargeable battery with the included power cable or via direct sunlight on the solar panel. It folds down quite small for ease of portability. The included handle makes carrying or hanging super easy. The light will stay lit for up to 12 hours on a full charge.  It is an ideal light for your camping experiences since it is very bright and can be used two different ways. The body is made of high quality plastic and handle is durable steel.


  • Vintage old-world look and feel
  • Multiple uses—flashlight, lantern, hanging light
  • Rechargeable with included cable
  • Lasts up to 12 hours on a full charge
  • Easy to transport if needed
  • Very bright: around 150 to 200 lumens
  • Comes in a pack of two lanterns


  • Constructed of plastic not steel
  • If not sufficient sunlight, it won’t last the 12 hours
  • Constant use yields about 3 hours of use
  • power-off
    Prongs for power adapter tend to bend easily
  • power-off
    Easily broken if dropped
  • power-off
    Plug for wall outlet is very small and may not fit properly in all household outlets

5. LampLust Outdoor Black Solar Candle Lanterns

These solar lanterns look and feel like old lanterns used in homes to provide lighting. They have a beautiful charm and a soft flickering, lighting affect. The candles provide a soft glow to your space, whether it be your deck, patio, pool area or pathway. The package includes two lanterns which are not too small, standing at 11” in height. They have a loop for easy hanging if you wish. The glass door opens to allow access to the “candle” inside the lantern if needed. Each light has a rechargeable battery built in. The body of each lantern is made of metal, while the doors are glass. Inside, the candle is made of resin. This lantern is great for outdoor use but can be used for short periods of time indoors as well.


  • Beautiful design, with old world charm
  • Features steel frame for extra durability
  • Glass door opens for easy access to resin candle inside
  • Rechargeable battery built in
  • Running time from dusk until dawn on a full charge
  • Can be hung using the loop on top
  • Flickers realistically like a candle
  • Comes in a package of two lanterns
  • Weatherproof design for most weather conditions
  • Can also be used as an indoor accent light


  • If no direct sunlight, may not last all night
  • Should be brought indoors in heavy rain or snowfall
  • No timer or automatic on/off
  • power-off
    Not a bright light, more of a warm glow
  • power-off
    Will need sturdy hooks since these are heavier than most solar lanterns
  • power-off
    If glass breaks, solar light will be exposed to the elements

Who is the Winner?

While these all have great function, and serve roughly the same purposes, there is one clear winner in my mind. The LampLust Outdoor Black Solar Candle Lanterns are the best solar lantern design to choose for your space. Their versatility alone makes them a great choice for almost anyone’s needs and preferences.

The beautiful design of these lanterns fit both modern, contemporary décor as well as spaces with an older charm. Having a frame constructed of steel means you won’t need to worry about your lantern blowing away on a windy day or cracking if it is cold outside. The glass doors are very authentic to how lanterns are usually built. The built-in loop is sturdy and works well for hanging on both wall brackets and shepherd’s hooks. The soft glow of the candle light adds to the ambience of your space. Having the ability to use the lantern both indoors and outdoors means year-round use even for those living in climates where they get heavy snowfall in winter months.

Hopefully this guide to finding the best solar lantern out there has made your decision easier and more informed than before. Please feel free to leave us a comment or question, we always enjoy your feedback.

The Best Solar Lanterns for Your Needs

Our Top Pick:LampLust Outdoor Black Solar Candle Lanterns
  • Quality
  • Design
  • Price
  • Editor's Rating


The beautiful design of these lanterns fit both modern, contemporary décor as well as spaces with an older charm. Having a frame constructed of steel means you won’t need to worry about your lantern blowing away on a windy day or cracking if it is cold outside. The glass doors are very authentic to how lanterns are usually built. The built-in loop is sturdy and works well for hanging on both wall brackets and shepherd’s hooks

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