A flag pole is an important icon that stands as a powerful symbol. So it should be clearly seen whether in the daytime or at night. To be able to do this, you have to find the best solar flagpole light in the market.

Having this means having an eco-friendly fixture for lighting up your flag and flagpole even at night. Read on to learn more about solar flagpole lights as well as some of the best products available in the market now.

Our 5 Favorite Solar Flagpole Light

Our Top Solar Flagpole Light Reviews 

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1. Solar Flagpole Light by Dene

Deneve Flag Pole Light Solar Powered - 40 Hours Solar LED Light at Night - Suits Flag Poles for Outside - Solar Daisy (TM) Silver

This is a long lasting product which is very easy to use. The innovative design of the light will illuminate the darkness sufficiently and for a long time. It comes with a built-in sensor which will detect the right time to light up and the right time to start charging. All you have to do is turn the switch on before installing it.

The rechargeable batteries contain more photovoltaic cells to be able to convert and store solar energy to power the LED bulbs at night. This easy to install flag pole light is compatible with most flag poles, which is very convenient.


  • checkMakes use of 26 powerfully illuminating LED bulbs.
  • checkComes with 6 solar cells which are highly efficient.
  • checkRuns for up to 18 hours when fully charged.
  • checkCompatible with most kinds of flagpoles.


  • power-offThe product only contains the light, no other extras such as ornaments.
  • power-offLight isn’t as bright as other products.

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2. GRDE Solar Flag Pole Light

Deneve Flag Pole Light Solar Powered - 40 Hours Solar LED Light at Night - Suits Flag Poles for Outside - Solar Daisy (TM) Silver

The GRDE Solar Flag Pole Light is a dazzling product that will illuminate the darkness well. It comes with 30 LED bulbs, which is a lot more compared to other products in the market. This easy-to-use flag pole light is also very easy to install. It can be placed on most 15-25 ft flag poles. The upgraded solar panels on this light are able to absorb a lot more solar power to recharge the light and prepare it for the night. It contains 11 of these efficient solar panels. When fully charged, this light will stay lit for up to 10 hours.


  • checkRuns for up to 10 hours when fully charged using the 30 bright LED bulbs.
  • checkComes with 11 solar panels which charge your light during the day time.
  • checkCan be attached to a majority of the standard flag poles.
  • checkHas an on/off button which can be pressed before installation.


  • power-offDoesn’t have a seal to keep water out.
  • power-offDoesn’t work well when the weather is cloudy.

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3. Nature Power 22015 Solar Powered Flag Light

Solar Flag Pole Light

The Nature Power Solar Flag Light is a unique kind of light. This is because you can install it directly on the flag pole. In doing this, you will be able to get a different kind of lighting for your flag. It will shine the light up on the flag instead of downward.

It uses 4 LED bulbs, placed throughout the light head, which is adjustable. So you can fix the lighting to allow you to get an ideal angle possible. This light comes with a built-in battery which will keep your light running for up to 10 hours when fully charged. It’s a cool product that gives off a unique lighting experience.


  • checkWorks with 4 LED bulbs which are super bright and can last for up to 10 hours when fully charged.
  • checkDurable and weather resistant.
  • checkMade with different materials – aluminum and plastic.
  • checkHas a built-in light sensor which allows it to work automatically.
  • checkThe light head is adjustable.


  • power-offOne of the more expensive products.
  • power-offThe internal battery is quite small.

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4. CREATIVE DESIGN 24 LED Solar Flag Pole Flagpole Light

Solar Flag Pole Light, Lasts 2X Longer Than Competition, Super Bright Flag Pole Lights, 100% Flag Coverage, Fits Most Flag Poles, Flag Pole Lights Solar Powered, Bright Energy Saving LEDs - Vont

This flag pole light is one of the most environment-friendly products on our list. The 11 solar panels allow for charging and storage, so the light runs on solar energy. It contains a light sensor that works automatically – turning the light on in the darkness and turning it off when daylight comes.

The 24 LED bulbs are super bright which means they illuminate the darkness very well. It’s extremely easy to install and even easier to use once you’ve switched it on. The Creative Design Solar Flag Pole is made with durable materials, from the frame made of anodized aluminum and tempered glass too. It also comes with a 15 feet long cable to allow convenient placement of the light.


  • checkPower setting has 3 levels – high, normal and low, allowing the light to run for up to 6-12 hours.
  • checkHas 35 LED bulbs which produce neutral white light.
  • checkComes with a rechargeable, solar powered lithium battery.
  • checkMade of durable cast iron and tempered glass, which makes it effective at dissipating heat.


  • power-offSome people have complained about poor construction.
  • power-offQuestions on consistency in function.

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5. Sunnytech 2017 New Arrival 3rd Generation Black – Solar Power Flag Pole

Sunnytech 2022 3rd Generation Black - Solar Power Flag Pole Flagpole Light Guarantee - Biggest Size - Best Solar Flag Light in The World

This is a superior product which is best known for the great design. Black plastic is placed on the panels to make the light look modern and stylish. The internal batteries that come with this light provide solar power to the 20 LED bulbs, allowing them to light up for up to 17 hours when fully charged. The batteries are powered by the 6 solar panels which effectively convert energy. Though it provides a softer light than others, this is a great product if you want to light up your flag pole for a long period of time. Because when it comes to light duration, the Sunnytech Solar Flag Pole is one of the best.


  • checkSolar panels and rechargeable batteries are highly efficient in absorbing sunlight.
  • checkInternal electrical circuits are built to last.
  • checkComes with big and bright LED bulbs which illuminate the darkness well.
  • checkRainproof and waterproof.


  • power-offMakes use of only 20 LED bulbs, which means it isn’t as bright as other lights.
  • power-offDoesn’t come with an ornament.

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6. ALPHA 180X Solar Flood Light

Alpha 180X Flag Pole Light (Warm White LED) for Solar Flagpole Lighting/Cast Iron Street Light Style Doubled as Floodlight/U-Bracket Fits Max Pole Diameter 2.5', Warm White Light

This amazing product is convenient because it has 3 different power settings. High, normal, and low brightness. These settings run from 6-12 hours, depending on the level you choose. It comes with an internal lithium battery to allow for longer charging. The Alpha 180X light comes with 35 LED bulbs which produce a neutral white light.

It’s a versatile light that can be used for flag poles, yard lights, and even up and downlights. This light is made with cast iron and tempered glass. It’s durable and is able to dissipate heat well even with the highest power setting. The solar panels are made of high-grade solar cells and tempered glass with an anodized aluminum frame.


  • checkThe uniquely shaped lens of the light creates an attractive effect when lit up.
  • checkDurable lights which are constructed with stainless steel.
  • checkComes with 6 outdoor lights, perfect to light up your walkway.
  • checkolar powered lights are automatic – they charge during the day and turn on at night.
  • checkThe white colored LED light illuminates the darkness beautifully.


  • power-offThis product is quite pricey.
  • power-offThe lights don’t shine too brightly.

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Considerations When Choosing Solar Flagpole Lights

Weatherproof flagpole lights are essential. This is because flagpoles are typically found outdoors and the lights would be installed right along with them. Consider what kind of light you’re buying and how much sunlight it needs to be able to run well.

Also, before looking through different products, consider where your home or establishment is located. Whether you are buying flagpole light for your home or for any kind of establishment, this is one of the first things to think about. If you live in a place that frequently experiences extreme weather conditions, then you might need special kinds of lights.

Benefits Of Having A Solar Flagpole Light

It’s highly recommended for homes or establishments which have flagpoles to have the flag be lit at night for it to be seen. So it’s a good idea to start looking around for solar flagpole lights. There are many benefits to having these kinds of lights for your flagpole:

  • The very first benefit for such a light is that it’s eco-friendly. Solar energy is available throughout the day. This means that it’s 100% renewable, it’s safe, and its clean. Solar flagpole lights don’t need that much energy anyway and since its powered by the sun that makes it even better.
  • Another benefit of these lights is that they are versatile and convenient. No matter what happens, even when the power is off, these lights will still light up as soon as it gets dark.  Finding the right light will allow you to illuminate your flag and flagpole for years. There are also solar lights that can be used for other purposes. This versatility makes these lights even more appealing.
  • Aside from these benefits, solar flagpole lights are also visually appealing. Having the right lighting to illuminate your home or building will surely add elegance and class to the overall appearance. Also keeping your flagpole lit shows how patriotic you are, no matter what country you live in.

Buying Guide For Solar Flagpole Lights

When buying solar flagpole lights, then you have to look for some specific things. When you find these important features, you may be able to find an ideal product to illuminate your flagpole. Let’s look at some of the features to look for:

The Brightness Of The Light

The main purpose of solar flagpole lights is to illuminate your flagpole. So think about how bright you want the lights to be. Some lights contain a minimal number of LED bulbs while other lights have more.

Depending on the number of lights, some shine brightly while some have a warmer and softer light. Think about this when you are choosing to be able to find the light you like the best.

The Look Of The Light

Another feature is how the light looks. Of course, you’d like your solar flagpole light to look good while mounted on the flagpole, even during the day. Solar flagpole lights come in different sizes and styles – all you have to do is find the right one.

The Capacity Of The Solar Cells

The solar cells are what absorb the solar energy to power the lights. This means that if the capacity of the solar cells is good, then the light is good too. With this, also consider the size of the solar panels which carry the cells.

Of course, smaller panels won’t be as efficient in absorbing solar power as bigger panels. The design is also something to think about. If the panels are facing the sun directly, then chances are they will be able to absorb the light much more effectively.

The Size Of The Flag And Flagpole

The size of your flag is also something to think about. A bigger flag will need a bigger light while a smaller flag won’t need that much big light. Your light must illuminate your flag completely and well so that it will look good even at night.

Also, look into the compatibility of the light with your flagpole. It must be able to fit into the flagpole so you won’t run into any problems while installing it.

How The Light Will Be Mounted Or Installed

Typically solar flagpole lights are easy to install. That’s as long as it fits into your flagpole well enough. That’s why you should look into the compatibility. Find a light that can be installed easily. Also, find one which can be taken down easily in case you run into any kind of problems when using the light.

Also, look at the mounting style of the light. This will determine how well it will transmit the light. Some lights are mounted on top, some on the flagpole itself, and some on the bottom.

Each of these styles has its own advantages as well as drawbacks. Think about that when you are making your selection too.

Our Final Word

There really are many best solar flagpole lights out there in the market. Among all these, one shines the brightest. And that happens to be the Nature Power 22015 Solar Powered Flag Light. It’s a unique kind of lighting fixture which can be mounted directly on the flag pole. This means that you get a great beam of light positioned at a great angle. The adjustable head will permit you to shine the light on different angles, modifying it until you’re happy with the positioning. The built-in battery will allow your light to run for up to 10 hours as long as it has been fully charged. This durable flag pole light is truly a great product. The Alpha solar flagpole light is a good choice if you have a large area that needs lighting. It has 35 powerful bulbs and 6 outdoor lights. The shine might not be very bright but it is perfect enough to illuminate the entire area.

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