3 Best Solar Chicken Coop Light In The Market Today

If you look at the statistics on the number of chicken that are slaughtered each day you will be surprised. People focus more on finding new ways to prepare a chicken meal but actually very few take a few seconds and think of poultry as a business. Personally, I have been doing poultry for over 10 years now and I have to agree it has not been an easy journey all along. I remember back in the days when I was new to the business and didn’t a few basic things, I lost all my chicken to the flu. Sad, right! Well, that isn’t bad enough, there was also a time I was in a business seminar and we were all required to say what we major in. It is with grief that when I stood up and said I rare chicken for a living people laughed. And this explains why there are very few articles online on the best solar chicken coop light available in the market.

As an individual who has been in the business for more than a decade, I have to agree on the fact that, raring chicken isn’t all just about feeding them. If you want to make large profits and have people respect what you do, you have to go an extra mile in ensuring that you invest more into the business.

Why would you need solar chicken coop light?

The goal of each and every business should be to minimize the expense and maximize the profit. To begin with, the fact that you decide to use solar chicken coop light and not that from electricity by itself it’s a win. Solar energy is free and this will help you reduce your total expenses.

Eggs are a major source of proteins. Again, you will be surprised by the number of eggs that are eaten each day by people around the globe. There is only one word that can describe the number, gigantic. During summer every poultry farmer will tell you that this is the peak season. You will collect a lot of eggs and your chicken are usually in very good mood. Well, the same cannot be said during the cold season. Being more specific, during winter there is a drastic fall in the number of eggs laid. On the positive side, you can reverse this, by adapting the solar chicken coop light.

Before looking at the various best solar chicken coop light, it is important to first understand why there are few eggs during the cold seasons.

Reasons why chicken stop laying eggs in cold seasons?

  • checkThe decrease in daylight- the cycle for the egg formation requires that your chicken is exposed to light for over 14 hours. During winter and cold seasons, we tend to have long nights and the days don’t have enough light. This will have a negative impact on your chicken since there will a drastic fall in the number of eggs laid each day.
  • checkMolting- molting is a condition where chicken sheds off some of their feathers to grow new ones. Usually, this happens on the onset of a cold season and when it happens to expect a dramatic fall in the number of eggs laid each day.
  • checkDrastic changes in temperature– chicken are warm-blooded animals and in situations where there is a drastic change in temperature, this will affect their body metabolism and as a result, affect the egg formation process. The most obvious consequence will be that they will stop laying eggs to try and adjust to the sudden temperature changes

Factors to consider before purchasing a solar chicken coop light

  • checkQuality- when it comes to quality I am very particular at what I want. I had rather buy something expensive that is quality other than something cheap of low quality and get disappointed later.
  • checkDurability– ofcos you don’t want something that will only last for a few days. Before purchasing a solar chicken coop light, see to it that you secure something that is durable
  • checkSize of your poultry firm– if you have many chickens then chances are you are going to need a bigger solar chicken coop light, the inverse is also true.
  • checkCost- well, we can’t ignore cost as a key factor when purchasing a solar coop light. Always ensure that you go for something that you can comfortably afford. Well, if you have extra dollars to spend then no one will stop you from going for the expensive brand in the market.

List of the best solar chicken coop light available on the market today

1. LightMe Portable 15W 130lm Solar LED Bulb Light

Making it at the top of our list is the LightMe Portable 15W 130lm Solar LED Bulb Light. This particular bulb purely depends on solar energy and provides both heat and light to your chicken. It is relatively cheap and you can easily regulate the amount of heat. Even better, is the fact that this particular solar doesn’t rely on the sun on, during cold seasons it will harness light and convert it into electrical energy sufficient to provide head and light to your chicken.


  • checkRelatively cheap
  • checkEasy to install
  • checkEasily portable


  • It is not waterproof

2. LED Solar Bulb Home Emergency Light Hanging E27 LED bulb 12-LED

LED Solar Bulb Home Emergency Light Hanging E27 LED bulb 12-LED understand the needs of the poultry farmers. This particular solar chicken cook light is easy to install and come in handy with a remote controller that you can use when up to 12feets away.


  • checkEasy to install
  • checkComes with a remote controller
  • checkBattery packs a lot of energy when full


  • Expensive
  • Limited to only a few countries

3. MicroSolar Super Bright- Lithium Battery-60 LED Solar Shed

MicroSolar Super Bright-Lithium Battery-60 LED Solar Shed is the answer you have been seeking to provide light and to your poultry. At full charge, it can provide light up to 10 hours, something many brands have not been able to match to.


  • checkProvide light for long
  • checkEasy to install


  • Very expensive
  • Not durable


It is my hope that you enjoyed reading this article and most importantly found it useful. Chicken farming is not taken with the seriousness it deserves but those who are fortunate enough to try it know that it is very profitable. We can’t deny the fact that lighting is a problem when it comes to poultry especially if you are trying to cut out on the cost. It is for this reason that this article has walked you through the best solar chicken coop light available in the market. Don’t keep all this knowledge to yourself, share this article with a friend or two and don’t forget to leave a comment in the comment section below.

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