Solar eclipses give us the unique opportunity to view a beautiful phenomenon that occurs when our planet’s sun and moon reach the overlapping points of orbit. But, the solar radiation caused by eclipses can be so bright, that they can permanently damage your vision. As such, you will need a special view box to view one. Luckily, you can accomplish this using everyday objects you would find around the house. Let us learn how to make a viewing box for a solar eclipse.

How To Make a Viewing Box for a Solar Eclipse

What Do I Need to Produce a Viewing Box?

All you need when producing a viewing box is a cardboard box, scissors, tape, aluminum foil, a pin, a knife, and a piece of white paper.

How Do I Make a Viewing Box?

First, you should cut a small, rectangle hole out of the back of the box, and a large circle at the bottom of the box for sticking your head in to see. Next, cut out a piece of aluminum foil that is roughly the size of the hole and tape it tightly over it. Then, use the pin to prick a tiny hole in the center of the aluminum foil. Once you complete this step, take the piece of white paper and put it on the inside of the box, across from the tin foil hole.

Congrats, you figured out how to make a viewing box for the solar eclipse. To use it, stand with your back to the sun when the eclipse occurs. Next, raise the box above your head, positioning the pinhole, so that faces the sun. You can now look in the viewing hole and see the image projected onto the piece of paper. We hope this article helped you learn how to make a viewing box for a solar eclipse. Our sun produces some stunning images in this world — we should try and see them all. But make sure to be safe when you enjoy nature. Never look at a solar eclipse with your naked eye — always use a viewing box or individual glasses.

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