How Much Money Can A Solar Farm Make? – Solar Farm ROI Calculation

Solar farms, or large collections of solar panels — typically owned by energy companies — are quickly becoming the most popular form of green energy available in the United States. As such, there is a high demand for these types of farms, or rather, space to harbor these farms. Since energy companies have access to solar panels, but not the vast amount of open land they require, they usually lease out the spacious property from landowners.

As such, if you own unused land, you may be contacted by an energy company that is interested in setting up your property.  Typically, companies will contact you, so you do not need to search very hard. But how much money can a solar farm make? Is it worth it? Let us find out.

What Determines How Much Money I Make As a Landowner?


Space is not the only consideration solar energy companies need to consider — though it is the most critical factor. However, other things, like the amount of sunlight the panels will get, the overall quality of the land’s soil, the general proximity to the power company or nearest grid infrastructure, and the specific leave negotiation all play an essential role in how much money can a solar farm make.

How Much Money Can I Make?


So, roughly how much money can a solar farm make? Well, most situations range in the ballpark of twenty to forty thousand dollars annually per acre. As you can see, if you have a lot of open land, then you can quickly make a handsome profit off of solar energy technology. However, as we mentioned this price varies significantly on a variety of factors.

Things like the rockiness and steepness of the terrain, as well as the overall sun exposure and location of the land, can quickly raise or lower the amount of profit. We hope this article was informative and answered the question: how much money can a solar farm make?

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