How Long Do Solar Batteries Last? – Increase Battery Lifespan

Solar batteries are the part of your solar system that store energy captured by the solar panels when the sun is not available. This part of your clean energy solution is important because they provide your home with electricity during the nighttime or overcast days.

Unfortunately, solar cells are not perfect, and they often degrade faster than the panels themselves. So how long do solar batteries last? Unfortunately, the answer is not so cut and try and depends on a lot of factors.

How Long Do Solar Batteries Last?

What Factors Determine How Quickly My Solar Batteries Decay?

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You cannot answer the question of how long do solar batteries last, without identifying what type of system you are running. For example, if you use solar energy for powering your entire house, then your cells will degrade much quicker than if you only use them to power one specific system. You will also need more batteries if you run your house full system — probably somewhere between three and four.

Factors like manufacturer and the overall round-trip efficiency of the solar panel system play an essential role in determining how long do solar batteries last.

The type of solar battery you own can also play a factor. Lithium solar batteries have a much longer lifespan than their lead-acid and saltwater cousins though we note that saltwater brands usually last longer than lead-acid. But, they are also more expensive too, so it comes with a tradeoff. Proper maintenance and care can also affect your battery’s lifespan.

Roughly How Long Do Solar Batteries?

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Generally speaking, a solar battery can last anywhere between five and fifteen years depending on the above factors. Though keep in mind that this technology improves all the time and within ten years this number will likely be a lot higher. We hope this article helped answer the question: how long do solar batteries last?

Though the answer can be complicated, you should anticipate needing to change your batteries at least twice during the lifespan of your system — though you will probably need to do it more if unexpected circumstances arise. If you are interested in learning more about the different types of solar batteries, then check out our article on the basics you should know.