What’s a better way for golfers to spend their leisure time than going through a golf magazine?

For sure, this helps keep you up to date with the latest sports news, golf improvement tips, interviews, and tons of other useful golf content. Some even offer you reviews of the best golf equipment!

Trying to get yourself a top-best golf magazine can be an uphill task due to the many choices at your exposal. Nearly all of them has truly attractive visuals and grabbing headlines that you’d think missing any of them would make you lag behind.

But I believe that narrowing your reading to only the eight best golf magazines I’ve carefully selected for you below will always keep you on the radar

Let’s see what the eight best golf magazines have to offer you:

know better knowledge from golf magazine

#1. Golf Magazine

Golf Magazine is doubtlessly one of the most read golf magazines, and that’s for a special reason:

It’s among the few golf magazines that offer you surveys of the best golf courses the world over, TOUR coverages, top-notch articles on golf travels, reviews of new golf gear, interviews with the expert golfers, and so much more!

What’s more, it’s an ideal copy for golfers at all skill levels (absolute beginners included).

What keeps its readers coming for more is the fact that it has a special section- a featured instruction from the TOP American teachers who will share with you powerful insights to take your game to the next level.

#2. Golf World

Next up is Golf World, ideal for readers who would wish to receive golf content more than once in every month.

It’s a weekly copy and promises you broad coverage of the Championships, PGA, LPGA, Nationwide, and International Tours.

Not only that, it keeps you updated on matters of player analysis, stats, interviews, latest sports news, etc.

#3. Golf Tips

Unlike most of the golf magazines, Golf Tips adopts a different method of delivering golf content to you. That is, it offers you only seven issues a year.

That being said, you can rely on each issue of this info-rich magazine to keep you enlightened and far ahead of your friends and playmates. Golfers usually love the expert advice the magazines complies for them (straight from the pros), courses information, and expert guides on all the essential golf equipment.

The magazine is ideal for golf of all levels and sells at such a reasonable value that you have no excuse why you should not subscribe to it.

#4. Golfweek

As its name suggests, this particular magazine reaches out to every week. And it has a primary goal of enhancing your understanding and enjoyment of golfing by injecting in it higher journalism standards as it covers all the aspects of this sport.

The real reason I had to feature this magazine on this list is the high praises it has received- and continues to receive- from its readers for its regular provision of up-to-date golf info- mainly on competitions, golf lifestyle and business.

Don’t you feel like grabbing Golfweek already?

#5. LINKS Magazine

One thing I’ve learned about LINKS is that everything they put on their page is not only meant to enlighten the passionate golfers but also change the perception of everyone else about golf.

Published five times every year, LINKS if the magazine to go for if you want to get the latest, accurate info on the best golf personalities, reviews of the latest, top-quality golf equipment, major championships, golf course reviews, and recommendations for the best and most luxurious places to play it.

Getting all this in-depth golf information for only a few bucks makes this copy the real deal for you.

#6. Golf Monthly

Golf Monthly Magazine…let me start with the bad news first: it’s probably the most expensive golf magazine I came across when I was doing my research.

And just like me, you’d grow curious to know what it has to offer that’s not in other magazines at its price) and you know what I got? Well, it gives you drills, tips, and advice from the 25 leading golf coaches in the UK as well as the respectable names on TOUR.

As of that’s enough, the magazine goes ahead to give you detailed reviews of the best and latest golf equipment that will dramatically improve your performance on the course.

You’ll agree with me that this is the only golfing guide you need; even when it’s a bit pricey, you can’t compare the value it offers you to the dollars you spend on it.

Oh! Almost forgot to mention that it offers you 12 issues/year.

#7. Golf International UK

From its title, you should have already concluded that this magazine comes from the UK. But that does not make it any less worth looking into.

I found that Golf International UK focuses on giving you helpful golf insights- much like other popular magazines we’ve previously discussed. The stuff you’ll get inside include interviews with leading names in golf, golf tips, etc.

But what impressed me more is its dedicated business section where you’ll get access to columns on people, betting, shares, cars, property, and memorabilia (all confined to golfing context).

It’s pricing lies midway between the low and high price tags and delivers six issues every 12 months or 1 year.

#8. Golf Digest

The popularity of Golf Digest is comparable to none! Everyone, including non-players, does not shy away from subscribing to Golf Digest just to know what’s the golfing world is up to.

The magazine uses its high reputation to give you exclusive golf instruction from the world’s best golfers and guarantees you of notable improvement in your career when you read and put their advice into practice.

If you’re on a budget and would want to read a golf magazine every month, consider subscribing to Golf Digest today!

Final Verdict

Whether you’re a beginner or advanced player, make a habit of reading a few of the above top-rated golf magazines, and you’ll always be ahead of your fellow golfers. You’ll discover new golfing tips, learn powerful tips from expert golfers, get to know the latest golf equipment, and so much more.

Which of the eight golf magazines would you like to subscribe to today?

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