If you are a golfing enthusiast and are looking for the best tool to record and analyze your game- nothing can work better than a good golf stat tracker. These trackers will help you to capture all the information about your golf game. From PGA tours to tour-level performance, these trackers will offer you a statistics about every nitty gritty of your golf game. Likewise, it will also give you the opportunity to connect, share and compare your scores with others with the simple and easy to operate mobile apps.

With these amazing new golf swing analyzers, you can now bid adieu to the age old spreadsheets and the handwritten score sheets. Every shot you enter on these trackers will be saved in cloud, thereby giving you an opportunity to access and check your levels and rounds from almost anywhere. On top of that, when you enter a new statistics or any other analytical record, you will get to check it right away. Most of these trackers have an extensive range of courses in their database, but in spite of that, you will get to check your analytical record or statistic as soon as you add it. This also means that you will get to access the golf course tracker from any corner of the globe.

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5 Best Golf  Tracking System Reviews

1. Arccos Golf – 360 Golf Performance Tracking System

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Designed and developed by Arccos, the 360 golf tracking system is a state-of-the-art contraption capable of tracking your shots as well as your position on the golf course without any necessary input on your part, so to speak! (Meaning, you don’t have to do any button-pushin’ business with this device. No sirree!)

The system itself is comprised of 14 ultralight sensors each of which is designed for a particular club in your golfing arsenal. When attached to the sticks, that is, golf clubs, these little buggers automatically track the shots you take with them, as well as measure the distance the ball has covered. Pretty impressive, indeed.

Here are some more useful features you’ll find neatly packed inside this apparatus:

Advanced Golf Strategy Adviser – Having partnered up with none other company than Microsoft itself, the Arccos folks have made good use of their advanced analytics capabilities, so to speak. Namely, their tracking system contains an online part to it.

Everyone who’s using an Arccos tracking device have their data uploaded to a cloud, so based on the experiences of other players, you’ll be offered some advice as to how to approach a tough shot! Neat stuff right here.

Fully Automatic – A great thing about this Arccos Golf contraption is that it’s completely automatic. By far the most annoying thing about using a golf tracker is the fact that you have to push buttons and make fine settings in the middle of your game.

With this here model, however, this won’t be a problem, as all you need to do is turn it on at the beginning of your game and then proceed to use it normally without needing to do any additional settings afterward!

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2. IZZO Golf – IZ Swami GPS & Game Tracker

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With an appearance of a newly-developed Go Pro with a screen (the earlier models usually don’t have a screen at all), or one of those measuring tools builders use for their projects, this little tracker from IZZO Golf is certainly a contraption that will do some serious measurin’ business.

Whether it comes to showing you the distance your shot has covered or what club you should use for your next shot, the IZZO Golf tool will have you covered. Here are some other things this device is capable of:

Comes with Pre-Loaded Course Maps – If you’re worried about having to download the golf course data every time you visit a new course, don’t be, for this here little device has got you covered! It comes with over 35,000 pre-loaded course maps showcasing various location all over the world.

You just need to find your particular venue in the system, pop it open et voila!- you’re ready to roll!

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3. PIQ – Mobitee Wearable Golf Sport Tracker

[easyazon_image align=”left” height=”500″ identifier=”B010BJVEB8″ locale=”US” src=”https://www.attnational.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/51crOJqt2B4L.jpg” tag=”eco-n-20″ width=”500″]

Built to be unnoticeable and still do one hell of a job tracking your shots (no matter how clumsy they are), the PIQ Mobitee golf tracker is a must-have contraption for an avid golfer. Not only does it track the shots you make, but it also analyzes the quality of your swing as well as determines your exact location on the course! Here’s how it works in more detail:

Swing Analyzing – The quality of your swing is certainly a metric you’ll want to pay attention to if you mean to improve your overall game. In order to reflect this necessity, the folks at PIQ equipped their Mobitee device with a one-of-a-kind swing analyzer which will give you all the data you need to see where you are on the golfing skill scale, so to speak. Count in metrics such as swing path, tempo, and speed for good measure!

Shot Tracker – Once you’ve taken a certain amount of shots, this cheeky little app will determine how good they were and what clubs performed the best on average. Based on that data, the app will recommend you a different club for each specific situation, so you’ll have the optimal chance of scoring!

Range-Finding – Using a sophisticated GPS system, the rangefinder will tell you your exact location as well as the whereabouts of the closest golf course. Whenever you feel like swinging your club for a while (and hopefully score every now and again), just press the rangefinder button et voila- you’ll get directions to it in seconds. Neat stuff from the PIQ folks!

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4. Arccos Golf – Driver Tracking System

Representing the second entry on this list coming from Arcross, the Driver Tracking System is a device primarily dedicated to tracking your shots. (As opposed to showing you the locations of the surrounding golf courses and similar niceties.)

All you need to do is attach the little cap-looking thing on the end of your golf club, or golf clubs, install the app on your device of choice and there you have it- you’re all set to track every shot you take and evaluate how good you are at the game of golf!

Here are some other features you can enjoy if you opt for this device:

Works in Real Time – Once you’ve attached the tracker thingy where it needs to be, you can forget about it and start playing golf. The app will do all the work for you and come up with some relevant numbers in real time!

Comes with Driving Games – And by ‘driving games’, we don’t mean Need for Speed or stuff like that. The app has a whole community of golfers who are using it on a daily basis and there are competitions you can take part in.

There are leaderboards on a local and national level, no less!

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5. Game Golf – Live Tracking System

[easyazon_image align=”right” height=”500″ identifier=”B014UY7LV2″ locale=”US” src=”https://www.attnational.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/41mkIldEqL-2.jpg” tag=”eco-n-20″ width=”500″]

Featuring an attractive red paint coating and some advanced tracking technology beneath the bonnet, the Game Golf Live Tracking System is a device that can make your golf game much more accountable, so to speak. (But it certainly won’t make you a better golfer, for the record.)

The contraption consists of two pieces- the tracker that attaches to your belt and then a small cap-like thing that goes on the end of the club. That way, the tracker knows what club you used for what shot.

Clever stuff, but there’s more!

Tips ‘n’ Insights – The Game Golf’s live tracking system does not only track the shots you take. One of the things it can also do is give you insights about various other matters related to the glorious sport of golfing! For example, if you’d like to play a game or two, but can seem to find a course anywhere near you, you can use this device to see the location of your local golf club, as well as the distance you’d need to cover to get to it.

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Choosing your tracker

Now if you are wondering which tracker to actually opt for- here is a complete list of the best golf stat trackers that we have compiled for you. We have checked, reviewed and finally filtered the trackers that will truly live up to your needs. In the following section, you will get to know everything that you always wanted to know about your favorite trackers. It will clarify your doubts and give you a detailed insight on these amazing products. Additionally, you will also get to understand the concept of the best golf stat trackers from this detailed guideline.

There are also a couple of social features that lets you play the game with your friends. It also lets you tackle challenges and rounds. The team of Game Golf has always been adding new features right from its very first release. It lets you play games against your friends. The best part- It is not necessary for you to play on the same course with your friends. This is a great feature for golf enthusiasts who have friends in different states.

Starting out

The Game Golf tool also has this free mobile app that lets you edit the shots if they are somehow not recorded properly. It helps you check the statistics anytime, anywhere and update your score like you always wanted to. It will also show your performance in the round with a map of the course. Every shot will be illustrated just like you see on TV. You can also use this software for playing the game with your friends.


If you are someone like me who totally swears by good packaging, this is one product that will not let you down. This golf stat tracker comes with

  • 18 amazing tags
  • A storage bag
  • A mini USB cord that can be used for charging and uploading stuff
  • The game your golf device that can be pinned to your belt

The Game golf device is equipped with 18 tags that can be attached to your clubs. This gives you a couple of extras that can be used when you happen to break one while rotating the clubs.
The tags are solid and are made of hard rubber. This means they are durable even when you put your club in the bag. It can be easily installed on your clubs and as the end caps of these tags are quite thin, it will not really keep your clubs from feeling that they are longer while you hold them. Every one of the tag have been labeled for a specific club, so you can always keep a tab on which tag you are going to sync with a club.
The device that is used for tracking is even smaller than we expected. We expected it to have the size of an iPhone and so we were visibly pleased when it turned out to be even smaller. It will fit the palm of your hand and make tracking simpler.

Getting it ready for use

This tool does not really come with charge, so you will have to plug it in charge while you set the tags up. In the meanwhile, you will have to install an individual tag to an individual club. They have this screw shaped structure that perfectly fits in the hole which is at the very end of your club. The design is pretty smart to work on the hole in the grips. If you did not have this hole, you might have to glue or put some kind of clasp that might affect the swing. When you charge it, simply visit the website, complete your registration and follow the series of steps suggested to start off. There, you may or may not enter the details of your clubs. After that, you can add your profile picture in order to play with your friends. Follow the guidelines to get the software installed. As soon as you’re done, open it and log in for letting the drivers update.

Using the device.

Now once you reach the course, turn your device on. Do this from the time you’re warming up as it will help in preparing the data for the course. You will find that the device will blink and vibrate when it is ready. You will simply have to take your driver, tap the tag section to the tool on your belt. Right after that, the device itself will inform you when it is ready. After that, you will get 60 seconds to get your swing completed.
The old version of this app did not let you track your progress in the game. However, with the new and tweaked version you can actually check and review the distances of your club, the dispersion of the shot while getting distances like the rangefinder from the app you are using. This is even more critical for choosing the perfect club according to your playing habits. The app will also let you edit the rounds while you play in a situation where you miss the shot from the system. Your rounds can be managed with a phone, tablet or even a Smartphone.

The strokes you gain

The phrase strokes gained is a determinant of whether your game is getting better or worse than your competitors. If you are gaining one stroke putting, it simply means that you are putting a stroke better than most of the golfers playing on the same course. It can be used for identifying the specific parts of your game that are weak. In the process, it will help you to concentrate on your training better.

Rangefinder feature

This awesome app also comes with a feature for the rangefinder. This rangefinder helps you discover the distances in the front section, the middle section and the back section. This golf tracking system effectively eliminates your need to use the GPS and scorekeeping apps that you might use in general. It is pretty good to not toggle between the rounds as it helps you to keep pace.

Insights on the stats

What impressed us most about this amazing golf stat tracking system was how it informed us about my own gaming habits. The system will inform you whether you need correct your accuracy and then concentrate on the additional distance. It also gives you an insight on the shot distribution procedure that can be used in aligning your shot and giving yourself an opportunity to hit a target.

Social features

A really good aspect of this system is the feature where you get a chance to play with your friends and loved ones. You do not really have to be in the same state or time zone to get the game going and comparing it at the same time. It can also be used for managing relatively smaller golf outings.

Main drawbacks

It would be really good if the game used radar for detecting the shots. This is way better than using the beginning point of your following shot as the ending point of the previous shot. It helps in improving the shapes of the shots.
We would also appreciate it if they added more details about the swing to the tracking system. It should also have a toggle which can be used for hiding it while we practice or play a round. The swing analyzers will show us our path, the tempo, our face angle and other relevant data that can be used for fixing our swing. It would really be helpful if we got the data during a live round instead of that at range. This will help us figure out what exactly is the reason behind the missed hits. Although it is not really an excellent idea to analyze every shot, it is an equally bad idea to ignore it.
The most significant competitor of this system is the Arccos golf stat tracking system that does not come with a mini computer for data collection. It simply uses your smartphone for the job. Now, while you might forget to record a couple of shots, Arccoss automatically senses the swing. Although game golf puts a decent effort in this, the former does a better job.
But despite these slight loopholes, we can definitely conclude with the fact that Game Golf is indeed a fun, interactive and helpful stat tracking system. It is truly one of the best golf stat trackers in the market.

History of the stat trackers

Even a couple of years ago, golfing enthusiasts who really wanted a derailed insight on their swings had to travel across the globe for finding a good instructor with an access to the relevant technology that could measure every element of the swing. These machines used to cost a hefty sum and the early versions were also not very accurate. However, with the advent of technology, the scenario completely changed and now golfing enthusiasts can track their stats with the more advanced and accurate golf stat tracking systems.

Features at a glance

  • Comes with multiple tags that can be plugged to the end of your club’s grip.
  • Equipped with a feature that collects every data sent by your tags.
  • Comes with an app that can visualize the data on your phone or tablet.
  • Can be used for scorekeeping.
  • Acts as an excellent handicap calculator.
  • Gives you recommendations according to your golfing habits. Helps you to improve.
  • Your shots are illustrated on satellite images.
  • Comes loaded with social features that let you play with your buddies who may or may not play on the same course.

Trackers or apps?

Well, these best golf stat trackers were originally designed with the aim of replacing the scorekeeping apps that are there on our smart phones. They were designed to provide more accurate information about the shots. While an app can easily track a shot at the end of your club, they cannot really directly measure your swing. Trackers, on the other hand, are designed to be way less obtrusive than the apps while letting you play a normal round without having you to do much. Apps might require you to manually enter the details after every shot. This affects the flow of your entire game and also leads you to think too much during the shots. However, no such issue is observed with a stat tracker.

Benefits of using the stat trackers

The stat trackers are awesome as they truly eliminate the need of using a spreadsheet or scorecard to keep the details of your score and shots. When your habits in the game are tracked well, it might help you to shave the maximum strokes from your game.

How are you going to improve?
Well, by getting a detailed insight on your shot and gaming habits, you will get to know what your drawbacks are. You will also get to know the sections where you can work and improve. In this way, the best golf stat trackers play a vital role in boosting your game play.
So now that you know everything about the best golf stat trackers, get one today and enjoy your game like never before.

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