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How to Bypass Ballast for LED Tube?

Maybe you need better lighting or simply desire more efficiency in your LED tube, either way you need to bypass your ballast. While removing or bypassing ballast from the power circuit is easy to do, it is also easy to make a mess of your home’s lighting. The following post scrutinizes all the possible ways […]

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How to Dim LED Strip Lights?

LED strip lights are fantastic lighting appliances for just about any project. However, you might consider dimming if you desire to control how bright your LED strip. As such, you will now be in control of total amount of light needed for different ambiences. If you do not know how it is done, here are […]

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Why Are My Led Lights Flickering? How to Fix?

If you have investigated ways to consume less energy around your home or business, then you may have found that LED lighting can offer a great solution. Maybe you have decided to switch over all your light bulbs but have quickly discovered that LED lights are much more costly than florescent bulbs. However, they do […]

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