How To Charge Solar Lights Without Sun?

With the introduction of electricity and over 70% of the people in the world being connected it was all good news. And why not, back in the days, people used candles and lanterns which other than not providing enough light were prone to many accidents. For example, what would happen if a candle fell on […]

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How To Build A Solar Generator?

8 decades ago, we didn’t have electricity in most part of the world. In fact, even in developed countries like the USA and Russia, electricity was strictly confined to the cities and even then not everyone could afford it. As time passed, people discovered new ways to generate electricity and this explains why in our […]

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Top 5 Best Solar Spot Lights Today

Whether you are looking for safety and security or just to add ambience and atmosphere, finding the best solar spot lights for your home can seem like an overwhelming task with so many on the market. The key to finding the right lights is to keep in mind some key features and details which may […]

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