Why Are My Led Lights Flickering? How to Fix?

If you have investigated ways to consume less energy around your home or business, then you may have found that LED lighting can offer a great solution. Maybe you have decided to switch over all your light bulbs but have quickly discovered that LED lights are much more costly than florescent bulbs. However, they do […]

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How to Charge Two 12 Volt Batteries In Series?

Do you know the percentage of people who dispose of their batteries weekly based on the fact that they can’t charge the batteries in series themselves? It is alarmingly high! A lot of people complain of inadequate knowledge of how to charge the batteries themselves some others complain of the complex process involved. This article […]

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How To Charge Solar Lights Without Sun?

With the introduction of electricity and over 70% of the people in the world being connected it was all good news. And why not, back in the days, people used candles and lanterns which other than not providing enough light were prone to many accidents. For example, what would happen if a candle fell on […]

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