A golf chipping net is an important tool for both serious and hobby golfers. Sometimes it can be difficult to manage time for golfing into your daily schedule. Family, work and other responsibilities normally take up most of your day. The sad truth is that most people find time to practice their swing during the weekends or holidays. Majority of the top players, either on playing at the home club or on tour, give credit of their low scores to the short games. However, to perfect on a short game needs a lot of practice, which can only be achieved through many hours of practice. That’s why you need to find the best chipping net to help in your practice sessions.

Chipping nets come in different shapes, sizes and colors. That means many factors must be weighed against each other in order to get the best fit for you. If you are looking for an indoor chipping net, then look for something smaller. For outdoor practice, you need something more stable with stakes to hold it in place in case you practicing in wind. If you are looking for something for both indoor and outdoor; a healthy compromise will do.

Editor’s Recommendation: Top 5 Golf Chipping Practice Net

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When it comes to designs, chipping nets have many options. Some of the nets have been designed to catch the incoming golf balls and others emphasize on the target which entice the players to hit through the given holes. Design, shape, pricing, size, durability, whether applicable for indoor/outdoor practice, are some of the factors you should consider when selecting for the best chipping net.

9 Best Golf Chipping Net Reviews

1. Rukket 3pc Golf Bundle

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This offering by Rukket Sports is definitely invaluable. It is a dual usage net with a range marker that is ideal for indoor chipping. It can be used for pitching, hitting and chipping. It is possible to reverse the net to show various distances among them 50, 100 and 150 yards and this is to practice the control of distance. Assembly or folding of this chipping net is easy because it is designed with a ‘pop up’ mechanism. Because of its incredible light weight, moving it from place to place is easy. It is about 1.2 pounds in weight.

The net allows for height control practice owing to the different slots on the face of the net. There are specifically three different slots available. The practicing can be done on chipping and pitching. The balls will be caught by the tiny pocket located at the face of the slots. At the end, players will be able to tally up their balls. It does not matter what skill level player you are because the levels can be adjusted accordingly. This adjustment will be made possible by the angle strap at the back of the net; it is highly adjustable. With this angle strap, players can enjoy different visuals when hitting downhill or up at the range marker target.

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2. Collapsible Chipping Net by JEF World of Golf

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This chipping net is known for its durability. Created with excellent nylon materials, JEF World of Golf have outdone themselves by creating this product. The materials are sure to last a long time and this will only work to making your short game enjoyable. It does not matter the type of weather you are facing because this net is customized to tackle different outdoor conditions. The fact that it is collapsible makes it even better enhancing storage and even assembly. When collapsed, it has a diameter ring of about 23 inches from a diameter of 7 inches when it is assembled. This is a versatile chipping net to say the least. Players will be delighted by the three rings for practicing available. First, there is an inner white circle which is a challenge even to the seasoned players. To this effect, this is the most challenging ring. The second ring is the middle yellow circle followed by the outer black frame. This net is ideal for people who are looking to push themselves further to get better scores.
This product caters to players who like to see their landing areas with chip shots as they play. This method allows for players to create worthy challenges while comparing with previous scores in different rings. Point values can also come into play and this will be ideal for competitors. This chipping net is definitely worth your while if you like to enjoy the experience while challenging yourself fully.
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3. Quickster Chipping Net by SKLZ

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