Top 8 Best Aquarium Led Lighting in 2018 – You’ll Want Right Now

Do you know that lighting in your Aquarium can negatively and positively affect your beloved plants and aquatic animal in your aquarium? The importance of getting the best Aquarium LED lighting for your Aquarium cannot be over-emphasized. Getting the best and appropriate LED light will positively affect the growth, health, and well-being of aquatic animals and plants in your Aquarium, while getting the wrong one will certainly hamper the growth and well-being of your aquatic animals and plants. A lot of people are unsure of the measures to use in deciding the best Aquarium LED lightings to get.

Since led lighting is a must-have in every aquarium, we have taken our time to make a detailed guide on Aquarium LED Lightings with the aim to help you make easy informed decisions on the best Aquarium LED lightings to buy. In this guide, we will be explaining some factors to put into consideration before purchasing Aquarium LED Lighting for your Aquarium. Also, we would be reviewing the best Aquarium LED Lightings that are available in the market while also giving you our choice.

Factors to consider when buying aquarium LED light

A wrong Aquarium LED Light could kill your plants and aquatic animal, so, before you purchase your next aquarium LED lights, there are some pertinent factors you need to consider to avoid buying aquarium LED lights which won’t serve its purpose in your aquarium or which might serve the purpose but harm your aquatic animals and plants. So, before buying that aquarium LED light, you must consider the following;

Size of the aquarium

This is the first thing to consider before buying the LED lighting for your aquarium because the size determines the type of light you would buy and the reason for this position is the obvious fact that different LED lights have different capabilities, meaning some LED light are designed for small tanks while a handful of others are built for large tanks. Getting a wrong LED light here might mean the light won’t be adequate for your plants or might just be too small for your plants. The size of your aquarium should be considered before deciding on which LED lighting you want to purchase.

Marine life of the aquarium

A factor to consider before buying an Aquarium LED light for your aquarium is the type of marine life you have in the aquarium, this is because aquariums having varying types plants and aquatic animals which all have varying and distinct need lighting requirements.

The coral life is also important due to the fact that when in growing phase they require very high aquarium light. If you do proper research you would find out that the LED manufacturer would give you a description that would help you to choose the best light intensity for various types of aquarium fish.

Control panel

Also, you should consider the type of control panel you have for the LED light and this is because the control would in most cases decide the type of manipulation you can do with your LED. Over the years, many LED light control panel can now be remotely controlled making sure that you do not need to keep walking physically towards the aquarium whenever you need to change the settings.

Using LED light ensures that you can change the effects with ease but don’t forget the complexity of using the control panels because in some instances some lights are harder to control than others.

Spread and lighting effect

Another factor to consider is that as fantastic is the spread and lighting effect on your aquarium before making your decision. The spread is important because it actually allows you to effortlessly view the content of the aquarium.

The spread of the LED lighting is determined by the type of reflector or lenses the manufacturer decides to use. The lighting effect is as equally important as the different designs, and could help achieve an amazing result. The effect could just simply be how the lights flicker or the changes in color.

Quality of the Aquarium LED Light

Before you buy an Aquarium LED Light, you must consider the quality of the LED Light as you don’t want to buy a LED light that will start developing issues/faults after a short usage period. In determining the quality, you can start by looking at the quality of the outer cover which should be strong and also, the light lenses which should have the capabilities of being able to last for long period without getting burnt easily.

The quality of the aquarium LED lighting is important because it addresses issues such as the aquatic environment in which the light is built for and whether or not it is suitable for fresh water or salt water.

Reviews and Top Pick of the Best Aquarium LED Lighting

In our bid to make your decision on which aquarium LED light to buy an easy task, we will be reviewing below, the best aquarium LED light in the market using internationally accepted standards and conditions and also picking our top choice. This review is expected to serve as a guide towards making the most informed decision choice when buying a LED light for your aquarium.

1. Nicrew Classic LED Aquarium Light ( Our Top Pick)

This is our top pick due to several reasons some of which includes the fact that it is not only affordable but it can also meet most of the standard requirements of both saltwater and freshwater tanks for the aim of keeping fishes. The Nicrew Classic LED Aquarium Light is uniquely designed with two lighting modes which are lunar and daylight LED. The lunar LED produces sufficient light that replicates the moonlight cycle while the daylight LED produces brighter lighting as compared to the typical single fluorescent bulb and they both help to imitate the natural environment.

The Nicrew classic Led aquarium light is designed to produce super bright light for your aquarium with incredibly long lasting LEDs working on low voltage which is remarkably safe for use in most aquariums. Among its unique features is its mounting leg which is adjustable and accommodates the addition of multiple fixtures easily and therefore gives room for flexibility in fitting the length of the aquarium. The Nicrew classic Led aquarium light features a one year warranty which we consider a huge advantage.


  • Affordable.
  • Warranty.
  • Adjustable bracket
  • check
  • check
    Super bright lights


  • None

2. Current USA Orbit Marine Aquarium LED Light

This particular product is sleek and thin and could perform incredible tasks. The Current USA Orbit Marine Aquarium LED light can be powered effortlessly and is fully controllable from the comfort of your couch because of its unique loop LED light and wave pump controller alongside its wireless IR remote. This brand offers a 24hours solution to the problem of aquarium lighting and it does this by uniquely combining daylight and dual actinic LED spectrum with loop LED light and wave pump controller which creates a natural light cycle as seen in nature in ways that could not have been achieved in the past.

The Current USA Orbit Marine Aquarium LED light specifically fabricated for saltwater aquarium environment and it is easily operated due to its easy to program ability.  Owing to the adjustable docking mounts of the Current USA Orbit Marine Aquarium LED light, it is possible for it to easily fit into a wide variety of aquarium sizes. The LED light utilizes a low voltage and slowly ramps up thereby preventing light shock and subtly acclimates the fishes in the aquarium to the bright light emitted from the LED lights.


  • Varying colors
  • Expandable
  • Remote controlled
  • check
    Low voltage


  • Designed saltwater aquarium environment
  • Power Off
    Not designed for corals

3. Finnex Fugeray planted

This product has an ultra-slim designed led fixture alongside a series of LEDs to promote growth in freshwater growth. All the models uniquely have a moisture resistant PC splash guard to protect against any water mishaps. It incorporates 660nm red LEDs which is one of the most efficient wavelengths for plant photosynthesis, it has a durable high output led bulb which is designed to last more than 40,000 hours. It has a slim led to spread of 120 degrees and led bar which can light up absolutely any size of aquarium even the largest of aquariums.  

This product generally offers a warmer tone in the entire aquarium.  It has an amazing leg fixture that which allows the led light to mount on the differently sized aquarium. The circuit bulbs are built with top quality aluminum in order to extend the led bulb longevity. The fixtures have the ability to act as heat sync so as to allow ample cooling and ultimately heat dissipation because heat accumulation is bad for the overall health of the aquatic life in the aquarium.


  • Sleek design
  • Lasts more than 40,000 hours
  • Moisture resistant PC splash guard


  • None

4. Current USA Satellite Freshwater LED Plus Light for aquarium

The Current USA Satellite Freshwater LED Plus Light for aquarium is an amazing LED aquarium light and a product of CurrentUSA a trusted brand that focuses on aquarium life and how to improve it through its unique products. With the Current USA Satellite Freshwater LED Plus Light for aquarium, you can change the color of light being produced by the LED light for your aquarium, at the convenience of your couch without stressing yourself this works on the basis of a wireless remote controlled fixture.

The Current USA Satellite Freshwater LED Plus Light for aquarium has super bright 6500k white LEDs which are paired with full-spectrum RGB LEDs and this surprisingly offers all the colors you can imagine and even much more and all this can be controlled from the 32 keyed wireless IR remote. It utilizes low voltage and this makes it very safe for use in the aquarium. It incorporates thin and sleek aluminum housing into its design setting it apart from its peer.

Unlike most LED light,  the Current USA Satellite Freshwater LED Plus Light for aquarium, has 3 fade modes for cloud cover event alongside 2 lunar effects and an additional two storm modes and 1 dusk mode which helps uniquely imitate the natural environment at various points in time depending on the timed of the day and weather condition. This product is a perfect choice for beginners that are just setting up their first tank or someone trying to significantly upgrade their aquarium into a beauty to behold and world-class standard.


  • Low voltage
  • Super safe LEDs
  • Water resistant
  • check
    Easy installation


  • None

5. Coodia Aquarium Hood Lighting

The Coodia Aquarium Hood Lighting is a dimmable RGBW led light whose brightness is adjustable and specifically designed for aquariums. This unique product is designed to be remotely controlled and making use of the 2.4G remote control enables you to have a variety of color options giving your aquarium a completely different look. The 2.4G remote control doesn’t require you to point the remote straight at the receiver as most conventional remotes do this 2.4G remote is so fantastic that it can even control something separated by something as thick as a wall.

This aquarium LED light has extendable brackets which makes it fit a wide range of aquarium sizes ranging from 28inches to 36inches perfectly with its aluminum housing it ensures that despite a long usage, the light would not get hot and subsequently harm the aquatic life in the aquarium. The Coodia Aquarium Hood Lighting is 10 watt and produces bright LED lights using high-quality RGB LEDs whose importance cannot be overemphasized.


  • Efficient.
  • Long lifespan.
  • Dimmable light.
  • check
    Adjustable design


  • Only works with the remote to turn on and off

6. Viparspectra Timer Controlled 165W LED Aquarium

This product has an inbuilt timer controlled dimmable led aquarium light with 2 on/off setting and one of these is for the white and the other for the blue whose unique superpower is to keep the balance of the par output and coverage. It has an advanced heat dissipation system whose just is to prevent accumulation of heat in the aquarium as this may affect the overall well-being of plants in the aquarium. 

The Viparspectra Timer Controlled 165W LED Aquarium has an internal dimmer that allows you to individually turn on or turn off the lights automatically. Its full spectrum imitates natural light which helps the fish/corals achieve the best balance naturally. It may interest you to know that the Viparspectra Timer Controlled 165W LED Aquarium has easily adjustable hanging kits and advanced high-speed quiet fans which are convenient for heat dissipation.

In addition to the facts stated above, this LED light also has 3years local warranty and an additional 30 days satisfaction or return guarantee which shows that the manufacturer is confident about the durability of the product. All you need do is to try to acclimate your tank to the new lighting by slowly increasing its intensity or exposure to the light rather than just suddenly introducing LED lights of high intensity.


  • Timer controlled remote.
  • 3 years local warranty
  • Cool System


  • Indoor use only
  • Power Off
    Not waterproof

7. Beamworks DA 6500k 0.50w Series LED Pent Aquarium

This product brags of its high quality and energy efficient light fixtures which is much better than the typical single or dual tube conventional fluorescent lights. The Beamworks DA 6500k 0.50w Series LED Pent Aquarium LEDs is uniquely built for planted freshwater setup with optional timer module which is used to operate and program the LED light. The LED lights are fitted in a sleek and razor-thin fixture that out shadows any other aquarium light with its extremely bright and beautiful effect.

The Beamworks DA 6500k 0.50w Series LED Pent Aquarium is built with 6500k spectrum and its power cord is long enough removing the extra efforts/ cost of purchasing more cables and extension. The light works perfectly and even has a black light feature which is an amazing choice if you have a glow fish as it is great for them. The Aquarium LED light has a 30days return which is relatively low when compared with other Aquarium LED lights.


  • Long power cord
  • Razor thin fixture.
  • Very bright light


  • Short Warranty

8. Hipargero LED Aquarium Light

This brand makes professional LED aquarium lights. It is popular for its affordability without compromising quality because it still meets most of the basic requirement. It adds beautiful colors to any home, office or classrooms aquarium irrespective of the design of the aquarium with its hipargero reef aquarium light special design. It has a touch control its plus button is useful to reduce the white light intensity and the minus button to reduce the blue light intensity. To increase the whole light just long press the plus button while to reduce the whole light just long press the minus button.

In addition, it has a colorful spectrum because of its professional design of blue and white light in the adequate proportion which mimics the environment in the deep sea. It helps coral to pop by bringing out their color. Furthermore, it helps significantly in increasing the amount of vitamin d3 which subsequently helps coral absorb calcium thus making it appear brighter. Hipargero LED lamps makes use of top quality 90degree three in one lens to generally ensure that the colors are uniform and to ensure efficiency.


  • Pocket-friendly
  • Durable


  • None.

Do’s & Don’ts with LED Aquarium Lightning


There is really nothing more fulfilling than knowing that you made a good choice and the only way you can achieve this is by researching and getting to know about the product you are purchasing. Please do ensure that the brand is known for quality above all experiments with colors since the LED lights can change colors as you so desire so why it’s advisable to try different color combinations. It would amaze you to find out what different colors due to different fishes in the tank for instance just imagine how a glow fish would glow in a dark light.

Make sure the LEDs are properly ventilated because some aquarium lights can generate a lot of heat in the tank and this heat would reduce the lifespan of the LED chip and the major way to minimize this is to keep them cool in the first instance by ensuring adequate air circulation around the heat sink. You can add a cooling fan to ensure that there is adequate airflow if you so desire.


Try to understand that water resistant doesn’t mean that you can submerge them or use them underwater. Also, Sub-merging a non-waterproof LED in water would easily damage the circuit board and cause the hardware to corrode. Your best bet is not allowing them to touch water at all as much as possible. If you know that this cannot be avoided kindly endeavor to buy special waterproof fixtures.  

Make sure minerals deposits, salt and lime do not deposit on the LED strip as they can cause all kinds of corrosion and damage the heat sink on a long run. Try to always check regularly and wipe off any of these deposits it is best to clean off mineral deposits on led fixtures in or around your aquarium with vinegar as it is safe enough not to poison the aquarium fishes.


Over the years, there have been advances in the LED technology industry and various types of Aquarium LED Light are being churned out daily which has left many marine lovers unsure of which LED Light to buy for their Aquarium. We hope with this guide your process of deciding which Aquarium LED Light for your Aquarium is now a simple process.

However, if you are still not certain as to the best Aquarium LED Light to buy, we highly recommend the Nicrew Classic LED Aquarium light which is affordable, has relatively long warranty which shows it is highly and fabricated, it has an adjustable bracket which allows proper and easy positioning, it is highly durable with long lifespan, it has super bright lights which amazing illuminates your Aquarium.

Our Top Pick: Nicrew Classic LED Aquarium Light
  • Quality
  • Design
  • Price
  • Editor's Rating


The Nicrew classic Led aquarium light is designed to produce super bright light for your aquarium with incredibly long lasting LEDs working on low voltage which is remarkably safe for use in most aquariums. Among its unique features is its mounting leg which is adjustable and accommodates the addition of multiple fixtures easily and therefore gives room for flexibility in fitting the length of the aquarium. The Nicrew classic Led aquarium light features a one year warranty which we consider a huge advantage.

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