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We Scoured the Globe for the Most Remarkable Alternative Energy Towns: Here’s What We Found

Electricity for lights. Heat for our homes. Fuel for our cars. In the developed world, we take these things for granted. We expect the lights to come on, the house to be warm, the cars to start, whenever we want. And we didn’t care how. Those days are over. Awareness and recognition of the downsides of fossil fuels have never been higher. So much so, that it’s prompting cities across the globe to act through an embrace of alternative energy sources.

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The Future of Alternative Energy

Renewable energy. Alternative energy. These two phrases might seem like buzzwords, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Once upon a time, solar power might have been viewed as mere science fiction. Today, it’s common to see farms using solar panels, or houses with solar shingles. The goal behind renewable energy is to meet […]

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How Long Do Solar Batteries Last?

Solar batteries are the part of your solar system that store energy captured by the solar panels when the sun is not available. This part of your clean energy solution is important because they provide your home with electricity during the nighttime or overcast days. Unfortunately, solar cells are not perfect, and they often degrade […]

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